The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) say that every year 30,000 children trap their fingers in doors, with more than 1,500 of these needing surgery and one in six resulting in amputation.

The impact of finger-trapping accidents is something we are fully aware of at Fingersafe. Below are some examples of accidents that could have been prevented by installing door guards.

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A FIVE-YEAR-OLD’S finger was almost completely severed after he caught it in a self-closing toilet door at Costa Coffee.

Little Toby Hazzard was waiting in line with his mum and three-year-old sister when he got the fourth finger of his right hand trapped in the hinge side of the heavy door.


A nine-year-old girl nearly lost her finger after a self-closing toilet door at a Costa Coffee slammed shut and trapped it. Madison Smailes was rushed to hospital after her left forefinger was caught at a branch in Kingston Retail Park, Hull, East Yorks. She had to have emergency surgery to save it and her parents now fear the finger may never fully recover after the horror accident on May 30.


A six year old boy loses tip of finger in classroom door,his father a Russian tycoon threatens to sue prep school. Leon Lesnevskiy lost the tip of the middle finger of his left hand after it became trapped in the hinge of a door as he filed out of a French class at Bevendean, the pre-prep school attached to Danes Hill.

The missing part of the finger was handed to a paramedic in a plastic bag but could not be reattached at a local hospital after an hour-long surgery.


A four year old childs finger amputated. Manchester Magistrates’ Court was told how, on 29 September 2016, the four-year-old pupil, who had been at St Joseph’s RC Primary School for three weeks, was allowed to access the girls’ toilet alone.

She was heard screaming by members of staff, who found her with her fingers trapped in the hinges of the toilet door. These injuries later resulted in partial amputation of her right middle finger.

Check Your Doors!

If you haven’t run a thorough safety check on your doors in the past few years, please do so


Finger guards can be fitted to doors where there is a risk of entrapment on the hinge side of the door. The guards can be fitted to both sides of the door to cover the gap between the door and the frame stopping fingers from being inserted into the void.

For both new and existing door safety devices in educational establishments a system should be put in place for regular brief visual inspections to check for damage or deterioration so that appropriate remedial action can be taken if necessary.

Below is a downloadable checklist.




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