Injury Prevention

With thousands of reported incidents of amputated, mutilated or damaged fingers every year, Fingersafe® is designed specifically to prevent fingers being damaged in opening and closing doors. When a door is opened or closed the hinge side can exert massive amounts of pressure on a finger with devastating results. These incidents can result in bruised, crushed or even smashed finger injuries.


Employers and managers are now becoming more aware of not only the cost in terms of trauma and treatment but also the possibility of litigation and claim for personal injury.


ROSPA the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents strongly recommends and supports the installation of any products that prevent injuries at home, in the work place or at commercial premises.


“Door Finger guards” also known as “finger guard” serves to deliver shield protection that covers the opening on the hinge side of the door. Finger guards fulfill this function and door finger entrapment is prevented. In schools and kindergartens many kids still get their fingers pinched between the door and frame.



Door Injury Protection