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Fingersafe® Industrial


Fingersafe® Industrial – Commercial Door Finger Protection by Fingersafe®


Fingersafe® Industrial door finger protector is a tough, strong, robust, extreme heavy duty anti finger trapping device suited to demanding commercial, factory, warehouse, retail, internal and external oil rig doors and industrial environments but not limited to these uses only.


This type of finger protection is adaptable and is much sought after for machine doors as well as various other industrial, commercial grade settings including steel doors, wicket doors and thick, heavy loading bay doors.  As such it has been applied on numerous machinery applications within a varied spectrum of industries, including industrial fridges and freezers. This anti trapping device has become a real problem solver in the workplace.


The Fingersafe® Industrial protection guards are purpose built to withstand all external weather conditions as well as for internal use.


“Fingersafe” trusted innovation team designed Fingersafe® Industrial for use in industrial and commercial settings however, it is also being used in schools, leisure centres and hospitals.


  • Fingersafe® Industrial concertina® fingerguard for areas where fingers and hands can become trapped, pinched in machinery or door hinges of industrial equipment.
  • Heavy grade material with solid aluminium trims.
  • As with all Fingersafe® products: the Fingersafe® Industrial hinge guard protects fingers from the full length of the door or can be adapted to the application required.
  • Fingersafe® Industrial can be installed on the Interior or Exterior – timber, metal, butt hinged or centre pivoted door.
  • Fingersafe® Industrial can be custom cut to accommodate any door or application required.
  • Can be fitted on the push or pull side of a door… Inside or Out.
  • Top of the range combining durability with flexibility : U.V and high impact resistance. Easily cleaned.
  • Also suitable for doors that have top and bottom pins.
  • Machinery finger hinge guarding at pinch points.
  • Black/STK/SF 50


Why use finger safe industrial on doors?


Accidents can occur anywhere therefore all public areas including places of work, shops, leisure centres should be assessed for risk.


Prevention of these injuries is important.


The Fingersafe® Industrial finger hinge protector shields against finger/ arm/ head and body injuries in these wide cavity gaps.


Our Fingersafe® Industrial has been especially designed for heavy duty indoor and outdoor use.


The clever innovation of a concertina® finger protector pushes and ejects fingers away from door hinges providing an anti finger trapping hinge cover.

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