Finger Pinch Protector Guards for Gates
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Finger hinge Protection for Gates


All automated gates must by law have some form of protection against finger and hand injuries.


Gatesafe can be easily fitted to most gates whether hung on hinges or eyebolts.


Our finger guard can also be fitted to pillars or posts.


Gate safe can be fixed to both hinge sides of a gate. We supply in 2 metre lengths, however they can be easily cut down to fit most different sizes of gatesand are easily installed.


“Our finger hinge protectors are ideal for retrofitting.”


They are regularly situated on school/ hospital gates.


  • Our fingerguard for gates covers the gate hinge areas of possible entrapment.
  • Heavy grade robust production with aluminium trims.
  • As with all Fingersafe products, this hinge guard protects fingers from the full length of the gate on both sides.
  • Comes in 2 metre lengths and can be custom cut to accommodate most gates. Automated or manual.
  • Can be installed on the push and the pull side of a gate.
  • Durability:U.V and high impact resistance. Easily Cleaned.


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Why do we need Gatesafe?


In 2006 the first of a series of high profile child deaths associated with automated gates occurred, followed by a watershed moment in June 2010, when the tragic deaths of two young children in separate incidents less than one week apart served to highlight the safety issues facing the UK gate automation industry. This was particularly the case since these tragedies followed so soon after the conviction of a gate manufacturer for breaches of health and safety law in relation to an earlier child fatality.


All automatic gate systems by LAW must be installed in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD2006/42/EC and supporting standards as highlighted by recent safety advisories from the Health & Safety Executive.”


A further two children narrowly avoided serious injury following unrelated accidents in July and September 2010.


We really only become aware of the horrendous incidents once they have happened through the media coverage.


Subsequently the health and safety executive (HSE) issued new safety advice to the gate industry in September 2010. (This advice can be viewed simply by following this link:


The Gate Safe charity was set up in 2010, the charity’s aim is simple – to put a stop to any further accidents or fatalities occurring as a result of an unsafe electric gate or barrier installation.


Gate Safe at Westminster


On Wednesday 12th September 2018, Gate Safe visited the Houses of Parliament for a round table conference, meeting with key stakeholders to discuss future initiatives in our quest to make all automated gates in the UK completely safe and prevent the terrible tragedies that led to the foundation of our charity 8 years ago.


The below picture shows highlights the hazards areas of gates.


So to sum up this is why we need Gatesafe to help to prevent these terrible accidents.


Q; In which sectors is Gate safety required ?


A; Everywhere that there is a gate installed.


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