Complete Door Finger Protection Pack

Door finger protection pack to protect both sides of a conventional standard door frame.

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Complete finger protection for standard doors


This complete door finger protection package protects standard doors that you find in many buildings including in the home, work, restaurants, fast food outlets, schools and other educational facilities.


*If you have a standard door up to 2032mm in height then this is the product for you, easily trim to the height required for your door.


Both sides of the door are protected with this product


Featuring the Fingersafe® Mark 1A for the push side, hinge opening ( the larger gap ) and the Fingersafe® Mark 1B for the pull hinge pin side ( rear or back of the door )


This door safety pack guards, shields and prevents serious injury every time. It can be used for classroom doors where young children can hide behind the door and their little fingers and hands can wander into the hinge cavity.


Fingersafe® fully prevents children and vulnerable people from the suffering caused by door hinge trapping of fingers.


A perfect application to prevent child injuries in the areas of entrapment in the door hinge gap area.


Fingersafe® Mark 1A and Mark 1B is suitable for standard doors with butt hinges and the only product on the market which allows a 180 degree opening.


Easy and fast to fit to your door


Full installation instructions, screws and fixing strips are included with every order.


High impact resistance and easily cleaned with common household cleaners.


Quality product that’s not just finger protection


Constructed of high-quality PVC. Fingersafe® is approved for use in four-hour fire-rated door assembly.

MK1A side by side 960x488
NBS Fingersafe

Bim Objects Now Available.

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Available Colors



Dark Grey