For Bi-fold Doors and Flushfit Doors
MK1C and MK1B on bifold door

Door finger protection for Bi-fold doors/flush fitted doors – MK1C


  • The Fingersafe® bi-fold MK1C door finger protection guard has been custom designed for bi-fold doors and doors that are flush fitted with the frame.
  • It uses the concertina®  front module and has a unique fixing strip which keeps the product flat against the door when closed and ejects fingers everytime.
  • With the ever increasing installation of bifold doors, both commercial and domestic, the MK1C is a perfect solution for an anti trapping device to ensure bifold door safety around the hinge opening area.
  • The MK1C offers no resistance or restriction to the door operation and allows 180 degrees of operation. It protects the full length of the door.
  • Available in six different colours.
  • Simple to install in minutes…..It can easily be retrofitted to existing doors.
  • A two year warranty is offered on fair wear and tear, supply only.
  • Samples may be supplied on request to a potential customer for evaluation purposes.
  • We can supply an adapted MK1C to accommodate larger opening gaps.
  • Because of the many variations of bifold doors we suggest you contact our technical support team for more advice on 01268777733 or email us on

Why fit door guards on a bifold door?


Whilst bifold doors are increasing in popularity and it is not hard to see why, we still need to protect our elderly, infirm, special needs and children’s fingers.


Finger entrapment in doors can result in serious injuries that have long term effects such as amputation, or in less severe cases, require significant hospital treatment.


Preventing such injuries is therefore important.


Finger trap protection should be installed in all hinged door situations whereby users can potentially get fingers caught.


Our MK1C has been especially designed to do just this by actually ejecting the fingers.


Our bifold concertina front module ejects, protects, shields and ensures you will be closing the door with no finger injuries.

In the demo video and pictures we have purposely dropped the guard down but they do in fact fit the full length of the doors.

NBS Fingersafe

Bim Objects Now Available.

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Available Colors




Dark Blue

Dark Grey

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