New from the makers of the Fingersafe range of products comes the Fingersafe MK2 range. This new product gives the same fingersafe protection from injury but with the added advantage of full Anti – Bacterial protection.


Manufactured in the UK, Fingersafe MK2mk2-shield-25 has been independently tested and has been proven to provide a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria. The Anti-Bacterial properties of the product are not a surface coating which will wear off over time but is an integral part of the material, giving life time Anti-Bacterial protection in the product.

Appropriate for anywhere but particularly suitable for Hospitals, Doctors surgeries,Nurseries and Dentists.

Technical specification:


  • Anti-Bacterial properties of silver
  • MK2 product tested 2011 and 2012
  • Test number 2819395 &2822591
  • Test Method ISO 22196:2007 Revised by ISO 22196:2011
  • Tested with Klebsiella pnuemoniae (ATCC#4352)
  • Test result better than 99.9% kill rate
  • EPA registered and complies with European Biocidal Product Directive (BPD)

Bim Objects Now Available.

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For uPVC doors requiring an opening up to 90 degrees

MK2C standard version:

Fingersafe® MK2C for Bi-Fold Doors and Flushfit Doors

MK2C Bi-Fold

In the demo video and pictures we have purposely dropped the guard down but they do in fact fit the full length of the doors.

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