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Anti-bacterial (MK2) Door finger protection guards


From the makers of the Fingersafe® range of door guards comes the Fingersafe® Anti-bacterial MK2 range.


This relatively new product gives the same Fingersafe® trusted protection from injury but with the added advantage of full Anti–Bacterial Protection.


Manufactured in the UK the Fingersafe® Anti-bacterial MK2 range has been independently tested and has been proven to provide a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria.


The Anti bacterial protection will not wash or wear off over time.


It is an integral part of the material, giving a life time Anti-Bacterial protection.


The MK2 range comes complete with screws and fitting instructions.


Available in:


  • MK2A – for the push side of a standard butt hung door (where the biggest part of the hinge is exposed)
  • MK2B – for the pull side of a butt hung door (the hinge pin side)
  • MK2C – For bi-fold doors or doors without frames. Also UPVC doors with a an opening of up to 90 degrees / 12.7 cm/5.5 inches
  • Bim objects available
  • Standard stock length 2032, can be easily cut to size.
  • Available in clinical, brilliant white.

Door finger guards typically used and strongly recommended for – Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors surgeries, Kitchens, Fast food outlets, School medical rooms and Baby clinics for infection control.


The MK2 door finger protection range are smoke inhibitors and hold the same fire rating standard you would expect from Fingersafe®.


Door finger protection guards, delivering not only anti-finger trapping benefits, but also anti-bacterial protection!


This finger guard variety helps with infection control to achieve and safeguard a more sterile environment and to inhibit the growth of bacteria.


The anti bac properties are added during the manufacture of our finger guards, therefore, cannot be washed off or wear away over time – A hygienic finger protection alternative.


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Why do we want Anti-Bacterial Door finger guards?


MRSA : can be contracted by coming into contact with an object or surface that’s been touched by a person with MRSA.


MRSA is carried by about 2% of the population (or 2 in 100 people), although most of them aren’t infected.


MRSA is a type of bacteria that’s resistant to several widely used antibiotics.


This means infections with MRSA can be harder to treat than other bacterial infections.


The full name of MRSA is meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. You might have heard it called a “superbug”.


Noroviruses : anyone can get Norovirus, from the nursery to the nursing home, but those at highest risk are children under 4.


Outbreaks often occur in settings where there is close contact between many children.


The virus is  also spread via contaminated surfaces.


Norovirus results in about 685 million cases of disease and 200,000 deaths globally a year.


Influenza: It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. If you touch something the virus is on, like a phone or doorknob, and then touch your nose or mouth, you could catch the flu.


The flu virus can live on a surface like a book or doorknob for a number of hours.


Anti-bacterial finger guards can help stop the spread of these type of infections.

NBS Fingersafe

Bim Objects Now Available.

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For uPVC doors requiring an opening up to 90 degrees

MK2C standard version:

Fingersafe® MK2C for Bi-Fold Doors and Flushfit Doors

MK2C Bi-Fold

In the demo video and pictures we have purposely dropped the guard down but they do in fact fit the full length of the doors.

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