Fingersafe Home

Child Safety Door Finger Pinch Guard Hinge Protector for Domestic Residential Internal Use – Full Length – Front (Push) Side 


“Fingersafe® will guard the hands of the ones you hold dearly”

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A door finger protection hinge guard for a finger safe home from a door safety company with over 25 years experience.


An essential piece of domestic use door safety. Constructed of high-quality UPVC to screw fix to the front of your doors covering the hinge.


As parents we do everything we can to prevent needless injuries, so do not overlook protecting the dangerous hinge gap area of doors.


Toddlers and small children do not understand the dangers door hinge gaps impose. In fact, we would recommend that you child proof your door hinges with finger guards as soon as your children are able to crawl.


Finger protection strips avert finger and hand injuries by preventing little hands wandering into the hinge gap area of the door.


Installing finger pinch protection devices only takes a few minutes, it’s easy and completely eradicates the fear of a slammed door finger crushing accident.


By observing all the dangers and applying child-proof protection most accidents can be prevented.


Raising children in a Fingersafe® environment.


Please be aware that fingerguards which are only stuck onto the door and frame can cause damage during removal. Fingersafe® Home has a sticky backing, but this is only used to align the strip. Fingersafe® Home is screwed to the door and frame for added durability, also allowing it to be easily detached for door hinge maintenance.


*Fingersafe® Home is not suitable for commercial use*


Along with being more aesthetically pleasing, complete protection is achieved by fitting to full length of door. This eliminates the potential for a trapping and injury risk to children and toddlers posting objects down into the gap behind the hinge guard, which would also stop the door from closing. It is for these reasons we do not recommend cutting to fit only half a door.


Fitting instructions for Fingersafe® Home can be found here


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