Door finger protection guard for push side of a standard door – MK1A

Fingersafe MK1A
Fingersafe MK1A

A unique, inconspicuous and easy to install finger pinch protector guard for door hinges designed to prevent fingers being trapped in opening and closing doors. An essential piece of safety ironmongery constructed of high-quality PVC to screw fix to your doors.


  • Finger protection for where the biggest part of the hinge is exposed.
  • The MK1A is the world’s only proven door safety product that actually ejects fingers from the opening hinge side of a door.
  • This product will fit wood, aluminium, metal doors and crittal doors and will allow the door to open 180 degrees on butt hung doors to a maximum opening of 12.5cm (5in).
  • Manufactured in the U.K
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Stocked length 2032mm.
  • Frequently purchased with an MK1B (for the hinge pin side of the door/back of door) for complete finger protection.
  • Full installation instructions, screws and fixing strips are included.
  • High impact resistance and easily cleaned with common household cleaners.
  • Constructed of high-quality PVC.
  • This product is approved for use in any four-hour fire rated door assembly and UL classified.
  • Our door guards can be retrofitted to create a safe hinge on the door gap.
  • Bim objects available.


The MK1A door guard can be fitted to fire doors with push bars. Push bars are also called panic bars. They  are designed for applications where a final exit door is to be used by members of the public that have no prior knowledge of the device and a panic situation is likely to occur in the event of an emergency. For fitting information on fitting guards on a door with a push bar click here


“Quality finger pinch protector strips at an affordable price. Commonly purchased by schools, nurseries, restaurants and other buildings used by the public. If you are looking to purchase for a clinical environment, we advise you to take a look at our antibacterial versions”.




Simple to install and can be retrofitted to existing doors using the self tapping screws that are included.  See our fitting instructions and specs page for further details.


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An example of why we need door finger protection


Real Life Finger Injuries


A 20 month old child lost the tip of his finger after getting it caught in the hinge side of a large metal door.


Multiple employees were working at the child care centre and all the children were well supervised at the time of the incident.


As one employee began taking another child outside, the 20 month old followed and was trapped by the door.


Even though the door was equipped with a slowing mechanism the child was unable to avoid injury.


Several surgeries were required because the child’s bone continued to grow through the finger.


Eventually the entire nail was removed and the tip amputated.


Automatic door closers that slow down or prevent slammed doors can help prevent injuries around the doorknob side of the door but most serious finger injuries take place at the hinge side of the door.


As the door closes the pressure exerted at the hinge area of a door can reach as much as 40 tons or 80,000lbs per square inch.


Door Finger Safety Exercise


Door related finger injuries are traumatic and potentially debilitating for both children and adults but fortunately they are preventable by installing hinge guards.


We highly encourage all organisations especially those that work with children, special needs individuals and the elderly and infirm to consider fitting guards on every door.


To illustrate the potential for excruciating pain carefully place a standard pencil on the middle hinge of any door (Be sure to move your fingers away from the door).


Once the pencil is balanced quickly close the door and witness what 40 tons per square inch of pressure can do to a fragile finger.


What happens is shocking. Share this exercise with fellow employees….


Be Fingersafe !

MK1A-side-by-side-960x488 FINGERSAFE® MK1A

Bim Objects Now Available.

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Available Colors





Dark Blue

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