Door Finger Protection

Fingersafe® Since 1992!

Fingersafe® finger and hand injury protection safety products are easy to install fitting full length on both sides of a door. The concertina shape protects, guards and shields from accidents and injuries involving fingers or hands being trapped or crushed in hinged sides of opening and closing doors.

Without Fingersafe® protection the hinged gaps of doors can exert a massive amount of pressure on trapped hands or fingers. Fingersafe® suits most door types including butt hinge, flush, bi-fold, UPVC and fire doors.Fingersafe® is considered a finger protection necessity by Health and Safety officers worldwide.

Fitting Fingersafe® products is simple with only a basic DIY knowledge. Fingersafe® is installed in many high street establishments, educational buildings and healthcare centres nationwide. For child safety Fingersafe® is considered an essential fixture in schools and nurseries.

Fingersafe can advise on which door finger protection product your door may require.


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Fingersafe® Door safety finger protection guards Fingersafe® prevents accidents