Recent Cases of Finger Trapping accidents in schools and daycare facilities.

Recent Cases of Finger Trapping accidents in schools and daycare facilities.

Recent Cases of Finger Trapping accidents in schools and daycare facilities.

The risk of a finger trapping accident occurring with doors that do not have guards or stoppers in place is always present, but the risk is heightened in educational settings i.e schools and nurseries.

Young children are most at risk of this type of accident which can often result in severed fingers,life long damage and also for the organisation expensive fines.

Finger trapping accidents are easily prevented with the use of our Fingersafe range. It is upto headteachers, managers etc to ensure that the right safety measures are in place to protect the children under your care.

The following are the most recent reports of finger trapping accidents in schools, nurseries etc….

May 2019 – Boy, seven, has finger chopped off when he traps it in school toilet door and staff find severed tip on the floor

November 2018 – Earlier this year a Nursery in Leicester was fined £6,000 and £5000 court costs after a two-year-old boy trapped his fingers in a door.

The nursery was prosecuted by Leicester City Council after a child suffered an injury that led him to need surgery.

The Nursery were charged after admitting failing to protect the young boy from risk and another charge of failing to report the incident to the authorities within the required ten days.

A risk assessment had been done on the door, identifying trapped fingers as a hazard but that was inadequate. Finger guards should have been in place to prevent such injuries to the children.

It was said that the manager had raised the hazard with the business owner, but guards were not fitted until after the boy was hurt. The door was used daily by thirty children and that since the nursery opened in 2012, but there had been no injuries similar to the child’s.

Following the incident fingerguards were fitted however, a prosecution expert visited the nursery and found cracks in these door finger guards.

“They did have systems in place, they did have risk assessments, but they were insufficient for the purposes”.

Accidents like these are easily preventable but are all too common. In my career I investigated several finger trapping accidents in nurseries, preschools and primary schools.

Early years setting and primary schools should assess the risk and look to install finger guards

Once fitted regular checks should be conducted on the finger guards to ensure they are not split or damaged.

Record your risk assessment and review it regularly.

2071 – 2018- Council pays out £4,020 for child who trapped fingers at school

Every year 30000 children trap or crush their fingers in doors at home, school, nursery or shops. with preventable finger trapping accidents still occurring in 2019, the importance of installing door finger guards is as relevant as ever.



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