Even adults can be hurt by door related finger injuries

Even adults can be hurt by door related finger injuries

Even we adults can be brought to tears when the pain and shock of catching our fingers in the doors hits us.

The most common of these accidents happen on internal and external doors and often happen on the hinge-side of the door. Fire doors which are heavy and fitted with self-closing mechanisms are some of the worse culprits.

Fitting your doors with finger guards is the most efficient and easiest option.


Footballer Ronan Curtis recalls the freak finger injury that ruled him out for months.



Actually, it was a little more serious than that as Curtis – the former Derry City star – nearly had to have it amputated after catching it in a door.

The injury kept him out for six weeks and ruled him out of the March wins over Gibraltar and Georgia, at a time when Mick McCarthy was singing his praises.

“It’s just a little scar now. I broke the bone in the finger and that was six weeks. It’s three and a half months now, and I can’t feel it.

“If I put my hand out, I can hold people off so it’s not too bad. The first couple of games I came back in were a bit iffy.”

The incident happened in March and recalling that morning, Curtis said: “I went to close the door and it didn’t slam.

“So when I went to close it again I looked back and the wind just blew the door. Luckily I managed to get the rest of my fingers out.





Door-related finger injuries are traumatic and potentially debilitating for both children and adults, but unfortunately they’re often difficult to prevent. There’s rarely someone at fault when such an accident takes place. We highly encourage all organizations, to consider installing hinge guards on every door in the facility.




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