Why fit door guards on a bi-fold door?

Why fit door guards on a bi-fold door?

Why fit door guards on a bi-fold door?


Whilst bi-fold doors are increasing in popularity and it is not hard to see why,






We still need to protect our elderly, infirm, special needs individuals and children’s fingers.

Finger entrapment in doors can result in serious injuries that have long term effects such as amputation, or in less severe cases, require significant hospital treatment. Preventing such injuries is therefore important.Finger trap protection should be installed in all hinged door situations whereby users can potentially get fingers caught.

If you have small children, request finger-safe guards to prevent doors slamming shut on tiny hands…

Finger Hinge guards are strips that cover the full length of the door and attach to the edge of the door on the side with the hinges. These flexible strips stop your children from getting their fingers caught between the door and the frame, while still allowing the door to open and close normally.


Our MK1C has been especially designed to do just this by actually ejecting the fingers.





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