Pivotsafe ® / Swing Doors

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Door finger protection guards for pivot and swing doors.


A pivot door normally pivots on two points, top and bottom of the door.

This can cause the door to swing quite violently.

In turn causing a greater hazard for trapping fingers when opening and closing the door.


Unfortunately, the injuries caused by pivot doors can include the loss of a finger or limb if they are caught in the door hinge when articulation is taking place.


Swing doors are powerful !


Trapping a finger in them can be considerably painful.


“Our door finger guards essentially eliminate any exposure to serious finger injuries”


Door finger protection guards for pivot and swing doors


  • Industrial finger guard strips for swing doors, double swing doors and pivot door hinge areas
  • As with all Fingersafe® products this door hinge guard protects fingers from injury the entire length of the door.
  • The extreme construction allows this finger guard to withstand tough blows and hard knocks.
  • Can be installed on interior or exterior doors.
  • Can be installed on the push and pull sides of a door.
  • Durability: U.V and high impact resistance. Easily cleaned.
  • Simple to install in minutes. Retrofitted to existing doors.
  • Samples may be supplied on request to a potential client for evaluation purposes.
  • Pivotsafe®  are supplied in 2 metre lengths however they can be easily cut to size.
  • Pivotsafe®  is currently only available in black with an aluminium trim. The fixing screws are covered by the trim to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Allows a 180 degree opening.



Note: No screws are supplied with this product due to the many different applications it can be applied to.

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