Finger guard for gates

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Finger hinge Protection guard for Gates


All automated gates must by law have some form of protection against finger and hand injuries. Gatesafe®  can be easily fitted to most gates whether hung on hinges or eyebolts.


Our gate hinge guard can also be fitted to pillars or posts.


“Our gate hinge protectors are ideal for retrofitting.”


They are regularly situated on school/ hospital gates. We provide gate hinge protection in a cost effective way to solve the problematic issues of hand, arm and body crushing in the hinge area of gates.


Gatesafe®  is suitable for both sides of the gate hinge gap and is for consumer and commercial gates alike.


Finger hinge Protection guard for Gates


Gatesafe®  is suitable for both sides of the gate hinge gap and is for consumer and commercial gates alike.


  • Next working day delivery if ordered before 2pm.
  • Our fingerguard for gates covers the gate hinge areas of possible entrapment.
  • Heavy grade robust production with aluminium trims.
  • Gatesafe®  is a safety product designed by Fingersafe®  for protecting fingers/arms/head/body from gate hinge injury, whether they are automated or manual gates.
  • Comes in 2 metre lengths and can be custom cut to accommodate most gates.
  • Can be installed on the push and the pull side of the hinge gap of a gate.
  • Durability:U.V and high impact resistance. Easily Cleaned.

For advice or free technical Support Call our helpline on 01268 777733.


Whether the gate is automated or not Gatesafe®  is an ideal product to protect fingers from the force of an opening or closing gate.


It shields the hinge and prevents people from getting injuries due to getting trapped in this closing space.


The advantage is how simply and reliably it solves the hand/finger protection issue.


It is suitable for domestic and commercial use. It is suitable for manual and automatic gates and  is also adaptable.


Gatesafe®  is currently only available in black with an aluminium trim. The fixing screws are covered by a plastic trim to make it more aesthetically pleasing.


Please also note: we do not supply screws with this product due to the many different applications it can be used on.

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