Door finger guard for uPVC door 90-135 degree opening


Door Finger protection for UPVC doors extended version –  MK1C (Special)


An easy to install finger guard for door hinges designed to prevent trapping injuries in the opening and closing of a uPVC door with a wider opening.


  • Our fingersafe MK1C extended version is designed for external uPVC doors, enabling a door opening of up to 135 degrees and a hinge opening gap of 8 inches/20cm. If door opens no more than 90 degrees click HERE
  • The MK1C Extended is also suitable for external bifold doors.
  • Stocked length 2032mm, however can be easily cut to size.
  • Available in four different colours.
  • This guard uses the concertina module but has a unique fixing strip which keeps the product flat against the door and protects fingers every time.
  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use.
  • The MK1C extended offers no resistance or restriction to the door operation.
  • The MK1C extended version is the world’s only proven door safety product for uPVC doors that actually prevents fingers from the opening hinge side of a door and is fit for purpose.
  • We have dropped the units down on the MK1C Extended pictures and video for illustration purposes. They do fit the full length of the door.
  • The finger guard are installed via a fixing strip which allows easy access to the hinge for maintenance.
  • Full installation instructions, screws and fixing strips are included with every order.
  • High impact resistance and easily cleaned with common household cleaners.
  • Please note: uPVC fire doors with a push bar will require a standard MK1A door guard.


Please contact us to find out more or for technical support on 01268 777733 or email us on


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Door Finger protection for UPVC doors extended version –  MK1C (Special)


Fingersafe is approved for use in any four hour fire rated door assembly. Fingersafe is UL classified.


  • Durability :U.V and high impact resistance.
  • Simple to install. The MK1C Extended can be retrofitted to existing doors using the self tapping screws provided.
  • Made from PVC-U and TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) it is fireproof, weatherproof, resistant to UV and acts as a draft excluder and smoke inhibitor.
  • Bim objects available
  • Can be easily cut to the required length.
  • Samples may be supplied on request to a potential client for evaluation purposes
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