Door finger guard for hinge pin (rear) side of a door

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Door finger guard for hinge pin (rear) of the door – Fingersafe® MK1B



“The Fingersafe® MK1B door finger shield guard is now a necessary requirement for nurseries to prevent toddlers and young children from injuries caused by tiny fingers being caught and damaged in the small gap on the hinge pin side of the door.”


For peace of mind, it is recommended that proprietors of nursery, kindergarten, montessori and pre schools check their insurance companies compulsory door finger protection requirements to ensure they are fully covered.



Door finger guard for hinge pin (rear) of the door – Fingersafe® MK1B


  • The Fingersafe® MK1B rearshield finger pinch protector guard for door hinges is installed on the hinge-pin or pull side of the door where the hinge barrels can be seen.
  • As with all our Fingersafe® products the Fingersafe® MK1B knuckle side hinge guard protects fingers and covers the full length of the door. It is fixed to the door frame and the outside edge of a door.
  • It will fit over a standard parliament hinge and can also be adapted for larger openings. This product gives full protection preventing pinch injuries from the gap and protruding hinge. Initially developed for the American government to cover parliament hinges.
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Fingersafe® MK1B can be fitted on exterior or interior doors.
  • Fingersafe® MK1B can be installed as a sight guard in bathrooms and medical facilities.
  • Supplied length of 2032mm
  • Compliant for commercial applications and has a 4 hour fire door rating. It also acts as a draft excluder and smoke inhibitor.
  • Constructed of high quality PVC (UL V-O rated) with TPE. They have a high impact resistance and are easily cleaned with common household cleaners.
  • Bim objects Available
  • A two year warranty is offered on fair wear and tear, supply only. Samples can be supplied on request.

Simple and quick to install in minutes. The Fingersafe® MK1B can be retrofitted to existing doors using the self tapping screws included. See our fitting instructions and specs page.


A unique, inconspicuous and easy to install finger protection for door hinges, designed to prevent fingers being trapped in opening and closing doors.


The Fingersafe® MK1B offers no resistance or restriction to the door operation and allows 180 degrees of operation. It protects the full length of the door.


The Fingersafe® MK1B is a flexible, curved unit, positioned on the outward side of the door (hinge pin/ pull side).


It is fixed to the door frame and the outside edge of a door.


When the door is closed the unit forms a closed seal over the hinge.


When the door is open the unit compresses and provides a stiff protective covering to the hinge and the space between the door and frame.


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