Door finger protection guard for push side of a standard door – MK1A

Door finger protection guard for push side of a standard door frame MK1A
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Finger protection for doors should be mandatory!


Enter the Fingersafe® MK1A finger guard for standard door safety. Door finger guard safety doesn’t happen by accident.


*If you have a standard door up to 2032mm in height then this is the product for you, easily trimmed to the height required for your door.


The MK1A door finger guard is fitted to the push side of the door, to understand which is the push side imagine yourself facing a door that opens away from you that is the push side.

Door finger protection guard for push side of a standard door – MK1A
Door finger protection guard for push side of a standard door – MK1A

An effective safety device to protect fingers in door hinges


A unique, inconspicuous and easy to install finger pinch protector guard for door hinges designed to prevent fingers being trapped in opening and closing doors.


An essential piece of door safety constructed of high-quality UPVC to screw fix to the front of your doors covering the hinge.


Be aware of products that advise you to stick the finger protectors to the frame they do not last!


With good fitting,  door finger guards can last a lifetime and not need replacing.


Our door finger protectors are fitted with screws rather than glue for a safer more durable connection.


Choose Fingersafe® the original and the best


The MK1A completely blocks access for hands and fingers on the hinge gap area of a door.


Hinge guards are a simple way to eliminate liability and avoid an unexpected tragedy, covering and sealing the hinge gap completely.


  • Finger protection for where the biggest part of the hinge is exposed.
  • The Fingersafe® MK1A is the world’s only proven door safety guard product that actually ejects fingers from the opening hinge side of a door as it closes.
  • This product will fit wood, aluminium, metal and crittal doors that have a standard type frame.  It will allow the door to open 180 degrees and  folds flat against the full length of the frame on butt hung doors to a maximum opening of 12.5cm (5in). Blending in neatly with existing door hardware.
  • The Fingersafe® MK1A finger shielder will work on rise and fall hinges.
  • Manufactured in the U.K
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • There is a variety of RAL numbers or the nearest RAL number they colour match to. Complementing door ironmongery. We normally suggest matching the finger guard to the door frame colour.
  • Stocked length 2032mm, simply trim to fit.
  • The Fingersafe® MK1A is a perfect door finger guard for conventional doors with standard butt hinges and is frequently purchased with an MK1B (for the hinge pin side of the door/back of door) for complete finger protection.
  • Full installation instructions, screws and fixing strips are included.
  • High impact resistance and easily cleaned with common household cleaners.
  • Constructed of high-quality PVC.
  • This product is approved for use in any four-hour fire rated door assembly and UL classified.
  • Our door guards can be retrofitted to create a safe hinge on the door cavity gap. You can also periodically, when required very simply remove the accordion guard module to gain access for hinge maintenance then refit it back on the door.
  • Bim objects available.
  • An applicable solution for heavy door types.
  • Specification standard anti finger trapping device.



The Fingersafe® MK1A standard door finger protection guard was the first ever finger protector to be invented, manufactured and brought to the market and is sold across the world.


These door finger guards to prevent trapping of fingers in doors are still outstanding in quality and superior in their design after over 20 years in the market place!


A tried, tested and trusted form of anti-trapping device for hinges which shields little fingers from the dangers of the hinge gap pinch points.


Fingersafe® MK1A protection guard anti trapping devices are suitable for schools and businesses, removing the hazard of door hinge finger injury.


The Fingersafe® MK1A door guard can also be fitted to fire exit doors with push bars


Push bars are also called panic bars. They  are designed for applications where an emergency exit door is to be used by members of the public that have no prior knowledge of the device and a panic situation is likely to occur in the event of an emergency.


For  information on fitting guards on a door with a push bar click here


“Quality finger pinch protector strips at an affordable price. Preferred supplier for  schools, special needs schools,  nurseries, restaurants and a multitude of other buildings used by the public. If you are looking to purchase for a clinical environment i.e hospital, dentist, doctors we advise you to take a look at our antibacterial versions”


Quick and Easy Installation


Simple to install and can be retrofitted to existing doors using the self drilling screws that effortlessly go through kickplates and are included.


See our fitting instructions and specs page for further details.


The Fingersafe® MK1A  door finger protector is also suitable for Crittal doors.


Please call for technical support or more information on  01268 777733

Or alternatively you can email us on


“We are happy to be of any assistance we can”


Advice when looking for finger protector strips for doors:


Prevention of fingers being squashed in door hinges is certainly better than the possible long recovery needed following a finger or hand entrapment.


All our products as standard are designed for high traffic areas.


Our guards are the simple, safe solution to eliminate finger injuries.


There is not any one door that is a bigger risk than another.


When purchasing door finger protection, please bear in mind that doors by design are different, therefore you need to fit the correct door finger pinch guard that is designed purposely for your particular door type.


We are often asked if our products can be stuck to door and frame? Our answer is always ‘No’ as adhesive strips cause damage to existing door and frames and are not durable for application.


Doors are in constant use and door guards need to be firmly fixed to ensure they do not fail which is why Fingersafe® door hinge guards include self drilling screws for installation.


Doors are different by design


There is NOT a one fits all door finger guard that will work on every type.


For instance, a finger guard created for a standard everyday door could not possibly fit a UPVC door or a pivot door, the gaps and functionality are not the same.


Search by door type to eliminate the confusion currently in the market place.


At Fingersafe we still consider plastic to be the safest option to protect fingers and hands from hinge injuries.


Aluminium is a very harsh metal when used as the central module of the hinge cavity. When combined with a material it is not a good choice as it could cause potential injuries.


With our expertise in this industry for over two decades maybe we would of manufactured alternative door finger protection by now if we considered it to be completely safe to do so.


Nursery and pre-school owners are advised to check their insurance companies policy in regards to installation of finger guards and door hinge safety.


Please feel free to contact us for guidance and products we have available to stop children catching their fingers in door hinges.

Prevention of door finger hinge accidents could not be easier. Buy door hinge protection.


“Fit Fingersafe concertinas®  for safeguarding against personal injuries in door hinges”



Simple door hinge risk assessment:


To gain a greater understanding of the power forced onto hands and fingers by a closing door hinge,  simply take a pencil at arms length and carefully put the tip into the middle of the hinge gap of the door, then pull the door shut quickly. The impact is astonishing !


This method of demonstrating the hazard of door hinge gaps was firstly adopted by the founder of Fingersafe Group as a simple way of visually showcasing the extreme force inflicted on fingers.


Be Fingersafe !

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Bim Objects Now Available.

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The Importance of Door Finger Guards: Protecting Little Hands and Promoting Safety


Every year, thousands of children are injured due to accidents that occur within the home. One common yet often overlooked source of these injuries is the door. Doors are an essential part of our daily lives, providing privacy, security, and separation between rooms. However, they can also pose a significant risk to the safety of young children, especially their delicate fingers. This is where door finger guards come into play, offering a simple yet effective solution to prevent such accidents and promote a safer living environment for your little ones.


Understanding the Risk

Children are naturally curious and explorative beings. They love to touch, open, and close doors, and their small fingers can easily become trapped in the narrow gaps between the door and its frame. This can lead to painful injuries, ranging from minor pinches and cuts to more severe injuries like broken fingers or even amputations. Such incidents can be distressing not only for the child but also for parents and caregivers.


The Role of Door Finger Guards

Door finger guards are designed to create a protective barrier between the door and the frame, eliminating or significantly reducing the risk of finger entrapment. Our guards are attached between the door and the frame. When the door closes, the guard creates a cushioned buffer that prevents fingers from getting caught in the closing gap.


Benefits of Door Finger Guards

1. Injury Prevention: The primary purpose of door finger guards is to prevent injuries caused by doors slamming shut on little fingers. By installing our guards, you create a safe space for your child to move freely around the house without the risk of painful accidents.


2. Peace of Mind: Parents and caregivers can experience peace of mind knowing that their children can interact with doors without the fear of accidents. This allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable home environment.
Easy Installation: Door finger guards are easy to install and can be found in various sizes to fit different door types. They can be easily removed or replaced as needed.


3. Cost-Effective Safety Solution: Door finger guards offer a cost-effective way to enhance home safety. They are much more affordable than dealing with medical bills resulting from door-related injuries.


4. Child Independence: Encouraging children to interact with doors safely promotes a sense of independence and responsibility. With the protection provided by finger guards, children can learn to open and close doors without unnecessary risks.


5. Suitable for Various Environments: Door finger guards can be used in residential care homes, schools, hotels and any other places where young children are present.


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Available Colors





Dark Blue

Dark Grey

Light Grey